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Our Players Enjoy:

  • Regular Season games and Playoffs
  • 4 Leagues on 3 Nights
  • 3 seasons a year
  • Social Events throughout the year

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The Premier Adult Kickball League in Baton Rouge

Red Stick Area Kickball (RSAK) was founded by Scott Murry in 2005. We offer the best experience around in both recreational and competitive Coed Kickball. We offer 4 leagues at various levels throughout the 3 seasons we play each year. We also offer our players many social events throughout the season. If you're interested in making friends, having fun and playing kickball, Come play with RSAK!

*REGISTRATION FOR ALL FALL LEAGUES IS OPEN* ( Don't miss the early bird discount!) 

Monday Leagues will begin on September 11th: Registration deadline is Thursday Sept 7th. 

Tuesday & Wednesday Leagues will begin on September 5th and 6th: Registration Deadline is Thursday August 31st. 

Here whats on the RSAK Kickball Menu this Fall: 

Monday Divisions: Lite & Classic II

Tuesday Divisions: Classic II, Classic 1, Classic+

Wednesday Divisions: Lite, Womens+2, Coed Draft League(AC)

Which League is best for me? 

Lite: Our most laid back brand of Kickball. This is for easy going teams, work teams, etc. 

Classic II: For new teams and experienced teams that qualify.

Classic 1: For experienced teams.

Classic+: For experienced teams that have won leagues, tournaments, and have a history of winning over the years. 

Specialty Wednesday Leagues ->

Womens+2 - At its core this is an all women's league with a few guys(+2) it employs a mix of RSAK rules and Standard Rules from leagues around the country. 

Coed Draft League: This is a league where everyone is a free agent. It starts halfway through the season, and is half price. Teams will be Drafted at Uncle Early prior to the start. It also employs a mix of RSAK rules and Standard Rules from leagues around the country. 

There will be another email coming later today with a few updates, rule changes, and more information on the Wednesday Specialty leagues. 

If you have any quesitons please email us at brkickball@gmail.com

For the remainder of the summer ARC Inclusive Kickball will take place every  Thursday evening at Forest Park.  Historically, players and captains from our league have been important volunteer coaches, referees, and helpers for this league.  The unique and wonderful thing about this league is that it is a non-competitive league for children and adults with and without disabilities.  Registration is still open so if you have kids anywhere from 3 years old on up you can register them to play.  You can also register as a volunteer coach or adult player.  I can promise that if you participate in this league it will be the most worthwhile thing you do all summer.  Every kickballer who has participated in it has walked away talking about how much they got out of the experience.

Here is the contact information for Molly Orr with ARC Inclusive Recreation along with the details:
Skills Days are July 13 and 20 from 6-7 with coaches training being at 5:30
Games will be from 6-7 Thursday evenings from July 27-August 31.  
Coaches, Players, and Referees needed for help with games and on the skills days.
Contact Molly Orr for more details:
Molly Orr
Interim Inclusive Recreation Coordinator

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Games are played at:

Perkins Road Park

7122 Perkins Road

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808

Red Stick Area Kickball

1952 Kenilworth Parkway

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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